Retirement Planning Seminars

For your employees 50+

OMERS Employers

Who better than a retirees organization to help your older employees think about the question:  “Am I ready for retirement?”

35% of the employees enrolled in the OMERS Pension Plan are over the age of 50.  Over 5000 OMERS members are now retiring every year.  But are they ready?  Do they have questions they need answered before they can make that decision?
The average OMERS pensioner is living more than 20 years after retirement (that’s males…for females it’s more like 25).  That’s a long time.  We all took some training to make our careers a success and did some planning.  It takes planning to make retirement a success too!
MROO partners with OMERS employers to offer full-day retirement planning workshops.  We deal not only with employees’ financial readiness but also with the social, emotional, and health aspects of retirement.

Who should attend? 

  • Employees over 50
  • Employees from a variety of departments and municipalities
  • An optimum number of 20-25 employees per workshop
  • Spouses are strongly encouraged to attend too

What does a workshop cost your municipality?

  • $75 per employee, assuming at least 20 employees, to a maximum of $1500/seminar
  • Spouses attend free of charge
  • Includes lunch and a lifetime membership in Municipal Retirees Organization Ontario

Why should your municipality participate?

  • Said Bob Maddocks, CAO of Rideau Lakes: “For a small cost to the Township, that day will make a big difference to the rest of those employees’ lives”
  • Said another CAO: “Let’s face it, we have a couple of employees we’d like to be more comfortable with retirement”
  • MC and primary presenter Phil Hollins – recently retired from the OMERS “speakers bureau” – consistently gets great reviews from participants.  Phil gets participants involved, uses humour, and deals with any question in a sympathetic way
  • The OMERS pension is hugely important, but still only one piece of the “life-beyond-the-workplace” puzzle
  • Smaller employers can typically not offer such a workshop individually.  But by working with MROO to host a workshop and inviting nearby municipalities, smaller employers can also offer it to their long-serving employees

What’s covered?

  • Estimating your income in retirement – OMERS, CPP, OAS, part-time work, savings and more
  • Financial planning – how to budget so you can live well on your retirement income
  • What to do with all that free time? Options to keep the mind alive and the spirits up (the “we can’t afford to travel all year” segment)
  • Health tips from a health professional – planning now, so that you can be as healthy as possible and stay that way as long as possible
  • Retirees Look Back: a panel of 3-4 retirees reflects on what they know now, that they wish they had known then!
  • Will you need Health Insurance in retirement?
  • What you should know about your OMERS pension: at the request of the host municipality, OMERS staff also  participate in the workshop free of charge

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Bill Winegard, MROO Executive Director


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Phil Hollins, MROO Retirement Workshop MC

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