2015 Federal Election - Pension Matters to Consider

Party positions on 8 questions related to pensions and retirement income

MROO contacted Canada's four federal political parties in January (with follow-up in March, April and May) to ascertain their positions on eight questions related to pensions and retirement income.  The eight questions relate to matters within federal or shared federal/provincial jurisdiction.

The responses NOT in italics are direct quotes from the parties' responses.  We received no response from the Conservative Party of Canada, so we have based that party's position on legislation introduced by or statements made by the Conservative government.

MROO advocates consistently on behalf of Canada's present and future retirees.  The MROO positions to the eight questions echo submissions we have made to the federal government over the past several years. Pensions and retirement income will be important as Canada votes in 2015.

The well-being of today's pensioners, and of our children as they age, will depend largely on what the Government of Canada does or doesn't do.   You should know where the parties stand when you listen to the candidates and

when you go to the polls.

Click Here to view the document that summarizes the 2015 Federal Party Positions on Pension Matters.