Cell and Smart Phone Services

Our offer

You receive simple and affordable cell phone service from SimplyConnect – at a discounted price for MROO members.

Getting started

Visit SimplyConnect online or call them toll-free at 1-866-669-8505.

Benefits to you

Stay in touch with plans starting from $16.20/month and a selection of cell phones starting from $0. As your recommended provider for cell phone services, you are entitled to receive the following benefits on cell phone plans:

  • 10% off Talk and Text plans.
  • 15% off Smartphone plans. (cell phone plans with data)
  • Snowbird? Use your phone seamlessly in Canada or the U.S. with individual and shared Canada/U.S. plans.
  • Introductory offer: Get DOUBLE your Minutes, Texts and Data1 on select wireless plans, and 1 GB bonus2 data on select smart phone plans.

1. Double minutes, texts and data bonus applies with a 2-yr term on Individual plans from $18/mo to $60/mo and on all Couples and Family plans. 
2. 1 GB promotional bonus applies with a 2-yr term on in-market Individual wireless plans from $40/mo to $95/mo and $80/mo Family Data Share Plan. 1 GB promotional bonus included above and not eligible for Double minutes, texts and data bonus. Other offers cannot be combined. Early cancellation fees apply with a 2-year term.