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Become a member of the Municipal Retirees Organization Ontario (MROO)! Not only will you gain a voice in matters that affect OMERS retirees and seniors generally, but you'll also have access to a number of benefits. Membership is open to any retiree receiving an OMERS pension – and others!



Getting started

There are three types of MROO memberships. See below:

Life Member

As a life member, you'll pay a one-time membership fee of $25. If you enroll in the MROO Health Insurance Plan before you pay the $25 membership fee, we'll waive the fee. Life members each have one vote at annual MROO zone meetings and hold elected office.


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Associate Member

Associate members are enrolled in the OMERS pension plan but aren't receiving their OMERS pension yet because they're still working. Associate members must pay the membership fee. If you've already enrolled in the MROO Health Insurance Plan, we'll waive the fee.

If you're an associate member, you'll automatically become a life member when you start receiving your OMERS pension, without paying any further fee. As an associate member, you'll have all the privileges of life members, except you won't be able to vote or hold office. If you list your spouse/partner on your application, if you predecease him/her, they are eligible to assume the membership as an “Associate” member for life.

Affiliate Member

Affiliate members are retirees from “other public sector employers,” are at least aged 65 and don't receive an OMERS pension. “Other public sector employers” include government organizations and organizations primarily funded by government in the fields of health care, education (including post-secondary education), public utilities and electricity, public transportation, childcare, and care for senior citizens. As an affiliate member, you'll be eligible to enroll in the MROO Health Insurance Plan, but you cannot vote or hold office.

Once you have completed your membership application form, your membership type will automatically be selected based upon your responses.

Apply now – it's easy!

  • Complete the online application form and submit it.
  • Include payment with your online application. You can pay with a VISA, American Express or Master Card credit card. PayPal will automatically email a receipt to the email address you provide. Please note, if you get an error message on your payment, before making another payment, please email MROO to check on the status of your payment. Email MROO at
  • You'll return to the MROO website after submitting payment where you can print your confirmation page. You'll also receive an email confirmation.

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Benefits to you

There are at least 10 Reasons Why You Should Join MROO / Dix raisons de joindre MROO.  You will: 

  • Have access to a growing list of programs and services that are geared to members' needs and interests – and help you save money.
  • Receive information you can use about important issues in retirement.
  • Be part of a unique group. MROO is the only organization speaking for OMERS retirees and working to ensure you have a better retirement.

Find out more about the benefits of joining MROO in our brochure - For a Better Retirement / Pour une Retraite Parfaite.