Associations and Organizations

Information for seniors

There are a number of associations and organizations that you can turn to for information on topics of importance to seniors.


HelpAge Canada works in partnership with other groups to help vulnerable older persons in Canada and abroad lead secure, healthy, active and dignified lives.

The National Seniors Council advises the Government of Canada on all matters related to the well-being and quality of life of seniors.

Ontario Gerontology Association, as part of its mission, works towards informing the public and political parties of the needs of older people.

Government resources

Government of Canada, Programs and Services for Seniors offers information on government income programs (C/QPP, OAS, GIS) and other resources for seniors.

INFO-GO - Government of Ontario Telephone & Personnel Directory provides information on Government of Ontario offices, as well as specific employees, and how to contact them.

The Ontario Society of Senior Citizens Organizations has a mission to improve the quality of life for Ontario's seniors. OCSCO membership includes over 160 seniors' organizations and individuals.

Seniors Canada is a government site offering access to a wide range of information for seniors, including a listing of services from multiple government departments.

Seniors Guide is a government document offering a list of seniors services and program across Ontario, including housing, caregiving, finances and more!

Health and well-being resources

Active Life Choices for Older Adults encourages older adults to maintain and enhance their well-being and independence through a lifestyle that includes daily physical activities.

The Alzheimer Society of Canada has the latest information on Alzheimer Disease, care and research, along with its own programs to help affected Canadians.

The Canadian Seniors Games Association believes that every Canadian aged 55+ has the right to improved quality of life and health provided through recreation, sport, and organized games.

The Older Adult Centres' Association of Ontario  develops quality services, resources and supports for its network of community-based older adult centres throughout Ontario.


The Institute for Life Course and Aging carries out research and provides education on the biological, psychological and social dimensions of the life course and aging.

2022 ANNUAL REPORT Of the Chief Medical Officer of Health of Ontario to the Legislative Assembly of Ontario. 

Retiree associations

The Canadian Association of Retired Persons (CARP) is a national organization with the mandate of promoting and protecting the interests, rights and quality of life for aging Canadians.

Canadian Association of Retired Teachers (ACER-CART) is recognized by active and retired teachers and member organizations, as a source for advice on retirement income, health and education of children.

Municipal Retirees Organization Ontario (MROO) is a group for retirees who receive an OMERS pension (as you likely know since you're on our site!). Our mission is to protect the pensions and enhance the quality of life for all OMERS pensioners.

The Royal Canadian Legion provides services to veterans, "ex-service persons," seniors, youth, and community-based charities.