Travel and Leisure

Seeing the world in retirement

There are a number of sources available to help make your travel plans go smoothly.

Access to Travel: this Canadian government site provides information on accessible transportation and travel across Canada with the aim of making accessible travel an easier and more enjoyable experience for Canadians with disabilities and seniors, as well as for their families and caregivers

Canadian diplomatic and consular services: the role of diplomats and consuls is to provide information and diplomatic representation to Canadian citizens abroad

Canadian passports: guidance on how to get or renew a passport

NEXUS card: if you are a low-risk, pre-approved traveller, having a NEXUS card can speed up border crossings between Canada and the United States

Older travellers: a federal government site that addresses issues that are particularly relevant to senior travellers, especially health concerns

Registration of Canadians abroad: a free service offered by the Canadian government that encourages you to register if you will be abroad on vacation or living in another country. Registration enables the government to contact you in the event of an emergency at home or away