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You and members of your household are eligible to receive exclusive benefits from HearingLife. This partnership gives you unparalleled access to the very best hearing industry professionals and services.  

Getting started

Register online for the HearingLife Advantage program. The explanation of your benefits will be sent to you by email immediately after you register.

Request an appointment for your FREE hearing test here  – no referral required.

Take HearingLife's free online hearing test, here.  

Benefits to you

  • Once registered in the Advantage program, you’ll have access to the special benefits negotiated by MROO and occasional special offers exclusive to Advantage subscribers
  • You’ll also have anytime-access to HearingLife’s content hub, an invaluable resource on hearing health-related topics
  • HearingLife and its network partners have over 400 clinics and form the largest network of hearing health care providers in Canada. If you’d like to phone HearingLife directly to schedule an appointment, call their dedicated MROO members line at 1-833-382-8537.