Retirement Planning Seminars

Retirement readiness

Who better than retirees to help employees nearing retirement age prepare for retirement?

MROO takes a holistic approach in the Retirement Planning seminars it offers to OMERS employers. Our sessions cover not just the financial aspects of retirement (with information on your OMERS pension often provided directly by OMERS). We also address retirement from a social, emotional and health perspective.

Why MROO's retirement planning seminars?

  • Our experienced and professional leaders have delivered over 200 seminars to employees within five years of retirement at local government employers
  • One of the highlights of each seminar is a panel of retirees (MROO members) who share their “if I knew then what I know now” stories
  • Each seminar attendee receives our Retirement Planning Guide, full of resources and information

Want more information on hosting a MROO retirement planning seminar?

Contact MROO. We'll answer your questions, provide you with additional information, and work with you to determine the best format and timing for your soon-to-retire employees.