Retirement Planning Seminars

Are your Employees Retirement Ready?

MROO is here to assist OMERS Employers! 

 Hosted by real OMERS retirees, MROO Retirement Planning Seminars cover the financial aspects of retirement (with information on their OMERS pension provided directly by OMERS representatives) but layered with a more holistic approach. MROO sessions include a focus on retirement from a social, emotional, and health perspective, using real world examples.

Why MROO's Retirement Planning Seminars? 

  • Our experienced and professional facilitators have delivered hundreds of seminars to employees within five years of retirement for local government employers and unions.

  • Each seminar is interactive and highlighted by a panel of retirees (MROO members) who share their “if I knew then what I know now” stories.

  • Each seminar attendee receives our Retirement Planning Guide, full of resources and information including budgets in both paper and electronic form.

  • The cost is just $25 per individual, with a minimum of 15 attendees, and it includes a lifetime MROO Membership for each paid participant.

Want More Information on Hosting a MROO Retirement Planning Seminar? 

Hosting a MROO Retirement Planning Seminar is easy. Contact Bill Winegard and he will answer your questions, provide you with additional information, and work with you to determine the best format and timing for your soon-to-retire employees.

Are you Another Public Sector Employer not in OMERS?

Other public sector employers, government organizations, and organizations primarily funded by government in the fields of health care, education (including post-secondary education), public utilities and electricity, public transportation, childcare, and care for senior citizens are also eligible to become MROO Affiliate Members. We can even tailor a Retirement Planning Seminar for your employees.