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Why you may need insurance

In most cases, the employer health, dental and life insurance benefits you had while working will end in retirement or when you reach age 65. The Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) covers some, but not all, medical services. And OHIP doesn't provide dental or out-of-country medical coverage. You can get the insurance you need through a partnership between MROO and Victor once your employer benefits end.


Our offer

As a member of MROO, you and your spouse have access to five insurance plans from Victor:

Health and Dental Care Benefits – Extended care insurance to cover what OHIP may miss

RecoverEase Insurance – Protect yourself from unexpected expenses in the event of a serious illness/injury

Life Insurance – Leave something extra for the people you care about or a charity

Annual Travel Insurance – Medical coverage for unlimited trips of up to 30 to 180 days each year

Individual Travel Insurance – Various plans available with Manulife for coverage just in Canada or worldwide

All of our plans are administered by Victor, a trusted MROO partner for more than 35 years. Together, we ensure that retiring employees have access to a comprehensive, sustainable insurance program. Getting started


Getting started

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Benefits to you

• Victor offers comprehensive insurance benefits and services not available through other retiree plans.

• Our rates are competitive and do not increase with age.

• Once insured, you (and your spouse) can keep your health, dental and annual travel insurance for life.

Get complete plan information about MROO’s insurance coverage for members with Victor and enroll online at You can also call Victor at 1-800-363-7861, or email them at

What our members say

“I feel like I’m in good health, but it was nice to know that I didn’t have to answer any medical questions to be approved for benefits since I was within the 90-day guaranteed acceptance window. And I didn’t have to go a day without health coverage. You never know what could happen when you least expect it!” - B. Powell, Niagara Falls, ON

This is your time.

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