Community Resources and Support

Support and Resources for Seniors Across Ontario

There are many resources that are available in your community often from local branches of provincial or national organizations.

Use these resources to help you stay active and healthy, as well as provide support when you need it.

  1. Canadian Service Codes N11: These 3 digital codes called N11 Codes are available throughout North America and offer special services to Canadians.

  2. The Accessible Media Inc. (AMI): A 24-hour audio newsstand that gives senior citizens and people with vision impairments access to print media.
  3. Home and Community Care Support Services:  Offers advice and services that are covered by OHIP. Staff assess your needs, determine your requirements for care, answer your questions, develop a customized care plan, and arrange for services to help support you at home.  Ontario’s 14 Home and Community Care Support Services organizations coordinate in-home and community-based care for thousands of patients across the province every day.
  4. Elder Abuse Prevention Ontario: Raises awareness of elder abuse and neglect through public education, professional training, advocacy and service coordination.
  5. Elder Dog Canada: Provides care and companionship for dogs whose owners have become ill or have died. It also supports older adults in the care of their canine companions.
  6. Ontario Community Support Association: A not-for-profit, community-based member organizations provide a wide variety of health and wellness services, which help a full range of clients, including seniors and people with disabilities, remain independent in their own homes and communities.
  7. Ontario Seniors' Centres: Offers educational, recreational, and social programs to those 50 years and older.
  8. Provincial Geriatric Leaderships Ontario: Provides a comprehensive network of specialized geriatric services that assess and treat various aspects of illness and disability in older adults with multiple and complex needs.
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  11. MSAA Guide to Programs and Services for Seniors in Ontario