Scholarship Program FAQ

Here are answers to the most common questions about the MROO Student Scholarship program:

**Applications Now Closed **

Will I receive a confirmation that my submission has been received?
Yes, one will be emailed to you automatically after completing the online application form.
Are there special requirements for the documents that must be submitted with the application form?
Yes! And all applicants need to follow them explicitly. The material must be reproduced and distributed to the Scholarship Committee members; missing, illegible or incorrectly formatted documents will delay the process for everyone!
When are the results available, and where can I find them?
Typically, the Committee determines the winners before Labour Day [in early September]. An announcement is posted on the MROO website in the Member Area [login required].
How will I know if my relative or I am receiving an award?
The number of submissions can be high. For this and other reasons*, we only notify the students receiving an award. Notification is done by email and happens in early September. *We feel it’s more considerate this way, rather than sending “rejection” letters to those who don’t make the list of finalists.
I’m a MROO member, and my relative has applied. Can I call you to confirm receipt of the application?
We appreciate your desire to know whether we’ve received a submission from your family member. Each applicant automatically receives an email confirming receipt of their application. So please help us by contacting your   relative directly to ask if receipt of their application has been confirmed.  
My son-in-law/daughter-in-law is studying part-time. Can they apply?
Sorry, no, for two reasons: They must be a direct descendant of the MROO member, and secondly, they must be studying full-time.
I already have a degree/diploma, and I am pursuing a second one. Am I eligible?

The program is geared to post-secondary students enrolled in an institute of higher learning for the first time, so no, you would not be eligible.

How and when are the scholarship recipients notified?

Award recipients will be notified in early September 2022 by email. Those receiving funds will be required to provide a Social Insurance Number [SIN] so MROO can issue a T4A Tax Receipt at the beginning of 2022. Banking information is necessary for MROO to send the funds via Electronic Funds Transfer. 


Students submit this information by returning to a secure, password-protected page on the MROO website. This confidential information is removed from the website after it has been retrieved by MROO and passed onto our Finance Team for processing the payments and the T4A Income Tax Receipts.
Have a question that isn’t answered here?
Please contact the MROO Administration Manager at or call 1-800-727-4183.