MROO Insurance Policyholders: A New Manulife ID is Coming

If you have a MROO health, dental or life insurance plan, Manulife ID will be asking you to create a new policyholder ID number. This ID password will bring another level of security when you are accessing Manulife’s online claims services from your home laptop or desktop computer.

You can create this password now if you have a few minutes to do so, or you can wait until Manulife requires that you set up your new ID. Set up is easy, just follow the prompts. Manulife has set up cues to assist you online. You will need your MROO/Victor plan contract number, your insurance certificate number and your current password. During the setup process, if you have been successful in creating your new ID, Manulife will send you an email with an activation link that you must use within 15 minutes.

Important: If you do not receive an activation email after you’ve gone through the steps to set up your Manulife ID it may be because you are using a work/corporate computer. 

Strong email security settings could filter out Manulife’s email before it can reach your inbox. To prevent this issue, you will need to add and addresses as trusted sources in your email system.

For help creating a Manulife ID, you can Manulife directly as you go through the set up process. 

Our Victor client service representatives are available to answer other policyholder questions:  1-800-387-2037.