Canadian Service Codes N11

Service codes (N11 codes) in Canada

These 3 digital codes called N11 Codes are available throughout North America and offer special services to Canadians.

While most people know and understand that the 3 digital number of 911 will connect you to police, fire or medical services in the event of an emergency. But did you know that there are seven other numbers, that are important as well?

 Please find below the most common N11 codes in Canada.

N11 List
N11 CodeServices
211  Public Information and Referral Services
311 Non-emergency Municipal Government Services
411 Local Directory Assistance
511 Weather and Traveler Information Services (Ontario highways/nearby provinces/states)
611 Repair Service
711 Message Relay Service (MRS)
811 Non-urgent Health Care Telephone Triage Service
911 Emergency


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Check out this 211 Central directory from the City of Toronto.  The Directory of Services for Seniors and Caregivers provides information to the many services available to residents of Toronto.